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Table for 20

Join us on the last Friday of every month as we set up our beautifully themed private dining area for an exclusive 20 guests.
Book a seat and dine on a mystery menu with 20 fabulous strangers!

You will be treated to a mystery multi course dinner extravaganza! Our private wait team will attend to your every need, while you are entertained by a private band.

Each ticket represents exceptional value at just $65 which includes a drink on arrival.

Tickets are available hereĀ just select your date & you’re locked in!


Table for 20

We’re traveling from Puerto Rico and accidently came acroos this jewel of a restaurant. It was the best dining experience we’ve had in our entire trip. Since lunch was so good we actually stayed in the ajoined hotel in order to be close for dinner and specifically to try local kangaroo for the 1st and probably last time ever. It was incredible, the chef Simon Jeffree is unbelievable!!!


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